Holiday Illustrations

Attempting to Spread Holiday Cheer

Series of illustrations done leading up to Christmas. Just for fun and exploring new style.

Day One

My grandfather’s most memorable life tips was “don’t eat yellow snow”

Day Two

“So they bring a tree with shinny dangly balls in the house and freak out when I go near it.”

Day Three

My sister tried unsuccessfully to get our dog to pull a sleigh.

Day Four

All I want for xxxmas is a good nutcracker

Day Five

It would be a Hanukkah miracle if my phone battery lasted 8 days.

Day Six

All I want for Christmas is some good booze

Day Seven

Have you ever tried reverse Christmas Caroling? They’ll never see it coming.

Day Eight

Buy! Buy! Buy! Our uncontrollable obsession with finding the perfect gift.

Day Nine

Nothing is more festive than dressing your hairless cat in a ugly christmas sweater