2016 Lettering + Illustrations

I love doing quick personal doodles. 2016 was traumatic, but I realized I’m happiest when I can visually articulate my views.



MEDC came to TIME to tell the story of Detroit’s renaissance with four profiles of community leaders within the 313.   Detroit is a city becoming. Rich with history,…


TIME Marketing

I was an Interactive Brand Design at TIME for May 2015 till August 2016. Most of the job was to make Sales and Marketing Collateral. These are some sample…



Native Advertising Experience outlining the Importance of Keeping Your Business Secure Risk / Reward brings the findings from a survey of 300 cross-functional C-level executives to life through articles,…


‘Jump-Start’ Illo

My first professional illustration job Jump-Start was an article in the May 11, 2015 Issue of TIME Magazine about apps the accelerate the waiting time for road-side assistance


Holiday Illustrations

Attempting to Spread Holiday Cheer Series of illustrations done leading up to Christmas. Just for fun and exploring new style. Day One My grandfather’s most memorable life tips was…


Daily Drop Cap

Day 1: Sadomasochist ‘A’ Made with Bristol Day 2: Bright ‘B’ Paper Lantern. A little warmth during the coldest days of winter Day 3: C is for Cremation Made from the ashes…


#Communist Manifesto

Recontextualizing Marxism in 140 Characters or Less The Book of Tweets Twitter Account Why Twitter? Social media is how we communicate and share information. A book is not enough anymore to incite…


The Albatross

He cannot walk because of his great wings. Charles Baudelaire’s The Albatross has been one of my favorite poems. It is a simple allegory for how your individuality is…

climateworksheader (1)

Climate Icons

In Collaboration with Matthew Schwartz Design Studio, I was the designer for a set of icons used to illustrate ClimateWorks’ Areas of Impact. ClimateWorks mobilizes philanthropy to solve the…